About Us

"I spent years designing the perfect tool for bangs and hair trim upkeep. As a seasoned professional stylist, my mission was to create an easy-to-use tool that offers high quality results and extends the life of a haircut, saving time and money."
— Melissa Peverini, Founder of VERSI®

Melissa Peverini spent much of her career being whisked away in private jets to finessing the locks of Rod Stewart and Supermodel wife Penny Lancaster, Julia Koch, Paloma Picasso, Aussie Supermodel Kristy Hinze Clark and many other diplomats and socialites. Leading this path inspired Melissa to become an innovator, resource, and a fashionista since she picked up her first pair of scissors. Melissa was noted as the BEST COLORIST by Charla Krupp, She is a national TV spokesperson for leading companies, styled for VOGUE and TOWN & COUNTRY as well as many other mentions, and now...created VERSI PRODUCTS.

Melissa was inspired to create VERSICOMB and the FRINGE SNIPPER after seeing what women carried in their purses or at home to refresh their hairstyle. To maintain styles on their own, she set out to make this easier and economical for women with most hair types and styles. After years of research, design, and testing, VERSICOMB and FRINGE SNIPPER are here to make salon self-styling easy and safe.